Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty Techniques: Part 2

Hello! I can’t wait to share these last techniques with you.. I have found a lot of YUMMY bath and body beauty recipes to share also- But that’s later.. check these last tips out for amazing results from all over the world!

Beauty Techniques: Part 1  <---- Click for last weeks beauty techniques!


6.) Indian Hair Care- Massage warm coconut oil into your scalp then leave in over night and wash out in the AM for stronger more luxurious hair instantly! I think, yes!

7.) Italian Lip Conditioning- Use olive oil just as you would lip balm or gloss for soft and smooth lips or to treat cracked or sunburnt lips.

8.) Scandinavian Skin Care- Not only should you drink plenty of fresh spring mineral water but you should bathe in it too! The trick is indulging yourself with 20-25 nice and cold splashes- and viola, amazing hydrated skin!

9.) Chinese Anti Aging Secrets- Why get Botox or collagen when you can just drink… wait for it…. white tea! I love white tea anyway so this is great news for me!

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Do you have any international beauty techniques or secrets you’d like to share?

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