Thursday, January 24, 2013

LiamBear | 1.5

My little boy is growing up so fast! He’s already half way through his first year. I never knew I could love someone or something so much. He makes me more and more proud to be his mommy each day. He is my sunshine  :)

So adventurous, smart and funny. I love you my LiamBear. All I ask is that you stop growing up so fast; I want you to be my little sweet boy forever.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY | Chalkboard Storage Jars

Hello! I know I’ve been a little MIA over the last week or so. Spring semester has begun and I am super busy! I’m just poppin’ in to share this DIY tutorial that I shared on JAA a few days ago. I added some chalkboard vinyl to these glass jars to make them more functional in my house, plus there fun to look at ;)


Chalkboard Storage Jar- Supplies

Glass Jars, Chalkboard Vinyl, Scissors and a marker


Decide how big you want your chalkboard labels to be then draw out straight lines on the backside of your vinyl for a better measurement.


Cut out the chalkboard labels and make sure they fit. Adjust as needed.

cut vinyl

Next, apply the vinyl stickers to the jars.


There ya go! Now you can start organizing all of your craft supplies without misplacing a thing.



Monday, January 14, 2013

Jax’s First Photo Shoot

This little guy is my best friend Lindy’s newest addition; isn’t he just precious? His name is Jax and he’s 15 days old :)

620  12  195asmall1a913  14  18

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Minute Shirt Revamp


Hey guys! Just poppin’ in to share this quick, no-sew shirt restyle.

I bought this jersey knit slouchy top our local swap meet about a month or so ago, because it was only $1, I just couldn’t pass it up. When I tried it on, I absolutely hated it and wanted my $1 refunded lol. Instead of embarrassing myself, I decided to make use of it and restyle it into something I could fit into my wardrobe. With one cut, it turned into a completely different shirt, don’t you think? Perfect work-out or errand running shirt. That’s not it though, tune in next week to see what I did with the scrap fabric from the neck.  ;)

cut herecover

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest creation!


Guest Post Opportunity


  Are you looking for a fun way to connect with other bloggers and/or readers? If so, I would love to have you as a guest on SewCal Mama!  My lovely readers enjoy DIY projects, photography, beauty/style posts and yummy recipes but I would be open to other ideas as well. Just try me!  :)

If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, click here, or drop me a line at sewcalmama(at)

Have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hair and Beauty Picks | Top 5

TOP 5 is a new series on SewCal Mama. I created it in hopes of sharing more of myself with my readers, which has really become the most important thing to me when running this blog. You guys have inspired beyond words! I have to say, I have gained quite the readership over the last few months! Thanks guys!

Anyway, about the new series.. I will randomly share lists of my favorite things, which might also be one of your favorites too ;)  This week’s TOP 5 is a list of my current favorite hair and beauty products.

Since having my son, I’ve completely changed my hair and beauty regimen. Now, it’s all about simplicity, effectiveness and eco-friendliness. I truly believe the saying, “quality over quantity” really pertains, especially with beauty products.

I use the (scrumptious smelling) pequi oil every morning before I blow-dry and style my hair. I usually straighten it with my amazing Godsend, the Paul Mitchell Straightener, which I will never abandon, EVER- It blows every other styling tool out of the water. Next is the BB cream; my newest love, It’s actually been the only cover-up I’ve worn the last week and my skin is really thanking me for it! I never leave the house without (at least) eye liner so when I got the Urban Decay eye liner in my last Ipsy bag, I was not only stoked to try it out but also pretty happy that I didn’t have to go out and buy my usual $5 eye liner from Rite Aid! Last but not least are the makeup removing clothes.. at the end of a long day, all I want to do is hop into bed and pass out. With these nifty little guys, I never have to get back out of bed once I realize I forgot to wash my face. Just leave a pack on your nightstand and viola, ready for la la land. :)


1. Neutrogena Night Calming Cleansing Cloths  2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 3. Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment  4. Paul Mitchell ProTools Express Ion Smooth -1 1/4 Inch  5. Urban Decay 24-7 Glide on Eye Liner -Zero Black


What are some of your favorite hair and beauty products?

I’d love it if you’d leave a comment letting me in on your favorite beauty picks!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Upcycled School Desk {Girl Style}

My honey got his hands on a buttload of old school desks (mostly vintage) a few months back and ever since I’ve been thinking up ways to redo them.

beforeandafter suppliesandtute

Supplies: School Desk, Chalkboard Paint, Watermelon Colored Spray Paint, Masking Tape, Paint Brush.

Cost: Under $20

This particular desk was designed for my 7 year old niece; it’s totally her style and it gives her a cute little workspace for when she comes to visit her auntie. Pink is her favorite color and she is a true artist so I knew both the watermelon spray paint and the chalkboard paint would be perfect.

This upcycle took me an entire day to complete only because of the long waits between paint coats. The next desk upcycle will be made for my little boy. It will be a little different but equally awesome, I promise.


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Saturday, January 5, 2013





In life, I’ve come to the realization that the only thing that always stays the same is that everything changes. An oxymoron, I know, but a true one. Change is inevitable. I’ve learned to react to everyday changes with a positive attitude, treating them as an opportunity for personal and emotional growth and strength. I try to just roll with the punches.

I’ve also realized that before you can change any aspect of your life (especially your behavior/attitude), you must first change your heart as well as your outlook on life. So many positive changes are happening around me and my family already this year; and my heart is steady waiting for more. Bring on the change! We’re ready to start the next chapter of life!

Are you?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Upcycled Jewelry Box [The Tutorial]

Hey Loves! I can’t believe it’s actually 2013! Has the new year been as good to you as it has to me? I sure hope so because I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous year not only for my blog but our my family and steady growing business as well :)
Remember a while back when I shared my upcycled jewelry box project with you guys? It was a WHILE back.. like 5+ months! Well, the before and after post was a total hit! I didn’t know how interested people would be in it or I would have posted the tutorial sooner. So here is the tutorial on how-to upcycle an old box into an adorable jewelry box!
step onestep one1step threestep fourstep fivestep sixstep sevenstep eight


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