Tuesday, May 22, 2012

River Day

This past Saturday was fun. My sister-in-law Megan and I took Liam down to Brown’s Cove, it’s a hidden little spot that’s within walking distance from my house.  It was the first time he had been in any kind of fresh water and he absolutely loved it  :)

Flowers were blooming all over the place and the butterflies were insane!

 After a while both of our fiancés showed up (Megan’s fiancé is my older brother), which was a very nice surprise! They watched Liam for a bit while we walked down the river and talked girl stuff, the water was only about a foot or two deep at the most but it was still very refreshing and calming.

We felt like adventurers and decided to climb over this little dam thing  and continue our little journey down stream..   :)

This is what was waiting for us around the next bend- There were just as many calves and there were cows, it was adorable and worth the adventurous climb :)

It was a much needed and beautiful mini vacation for two busy mommies.

What are your favorite ways to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon?

Monday, May 21, 2012

INSPIRED BY [nature]

Today, Liam and I spent the day at my mom’s. I am very close with her and my step-dad so every chance I get to go over and see them, I take. Not only do I love to see them and catch up on the weekly happenings, I love their enchanting yard, it’s the perfect place to sit and read on a calm, sunny day.

Daniel and I moved into our home a year ago, right before Liam was born, and I’m talking RIGHT before (WEEKS), so we haven’t gotten much of a chance to work on our yard.

Their place always gives me inspiration, puts me in a better mood and makes me feel more grounded and in tune with mother nature..  

I want to share these pictures I took today while Liam was napping; I am not a photographer so give me a break! :)

DSCF3273  DSCF3269

I hope you are all having an inspired and beautiful week so far!

What are some of your daily inspirations?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cupcake Decorating 101

The Sugar Shake
Use sanding sugar, decorating sugar, granulated sugar or coconut right from the pantry. Place the sugar in a resealable bag or snap-shut plastic container. Add a few drops of food coloring (preferably neon food colors), snap or zip the container shut and shake to create vibrant colors for decorating cupcakes. Spread the tinted sugar on a sheet of waxed paper to dry, and you are ready to decorate your cupcakes.
Zip It
Convenience products like resealable bags make cupcaking so easy. Not only are they great to use in place of a piping bag, but you can also use them to get the batter in your cupcake liners without making a big mess.

Use freezer-weight bags to be sure and keep the frosting in the bag and not all over you. Invert the bag over your hand, make a cup in the center of the bag and fill it with frosting. Pull the sides of the bag up over your hand and zip it shut. Snip a small corner from one corner of the bag, and you are ready to frost your cupcakes.
Be a Candy Detective

Place the red or blue candies on top of a frosted cupcake, side by side, to give the effect of of cherry or blueberry fruit in a pie. Then, pipe a lattice top and give it a crusty edge with cocoa-tinted frosting from a resealable bag.
Copy Your Favorite Patterns
Study a pattern, and you are sure to find inspiration for decorating cupcakes. This is perfect for parties; everything from showers to sweet 16s and weddings. Find a fabric or paper pattern you love and then look closely to find the candy in the pattern. The real beauty comes when you use the same design for your napkins, tablecloths and centerpiece.
Choose a pattern that reminds you of a candy shape or color. We chose a blue on brown pattern we knew would be fun to replicate in pale blue Sunny Seed Drops and pale blue frosting. Another pattern we chose looked just like M&M's on a background of cocoa-tinted frosting.
credits[1;cupcake photo

What are some of your favorite methods for cupcake/goodie decorating?

Petal Pusher

Here is another yummy Summer drink recipe! mmmmm :)

Petal Pusher


4 oz. tequila
4 oz. pear nectar
4 oz. rose petal liquor
1 lime

Fill cocktail shaker with ice, add ingredients, shake well, let stand 5 minutes to chill.
Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with an edible flower, such as a pansy.

credits [ivillage]

Frozen Coconut Limeade

Frozen Coconut Limeade

With only a couple ingredients, how can you go wrong?

For all of my prego friends- there is an alcohol substitution below :)
cocunt ingre

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Makes about 3 servings.

  • 5 1/2 cups ice
  • 5/8 cup coconut rum (for non-alcoholic version, substitute cream of coconut, like Coco Lopez)
  • 4-5 tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate (substitute lemonade version if you'd like)
  • 1/8 cup water
  1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.

I hope that you join me in making this yummy drink this Summer! What are your favorite Summer drink recipes? 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skin-Brightening Summer Treat

Can you believe Summer is right around the corner and that the year is nearly half way through?!? I have mixed feelings about Summer because of the high temps here in Cali (and my son turning 1!) but this year I’m not pregnant so I don’t have anything to complain about- I can do all of the things I that I couldn’t do last Spring and Summer- wakeboarding, dirt bike riding and have a few drinks(more like one anymore! hehe)!

I thought I would kindly welcome the season and share this yummy recipe for for a skin-brightening summer treat that I found on beautyish, Enjoy!

skin brightening summer trea



Everyone loves BBQs, picnics, and long days spent on the beach, but indulging in sugary alcoholic drinks won’t keep you looking your summer best. So this season, why not make something that tastes delicious and does wonders for your skin, too? Kimberly Snyder's recipe for watermelon slush smoothie combines just two ingredients for a delightful summer treat. "Watermelon has great cooling and hydrating properties, as well as amazing cleansing and detoxifying effects," says Kim. So not only will you be hydrating your body with one of nature's yummiest fruits, your skin will be getting a much needed moisturizing boost, which in turn leads to a brighter, clearer, and smoother complexion. Almonds are also one of the best nuts to eat, and contain plenty of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids—good for skin plumping and cell regeneration.

Watermelon Slush Smoothie
  • 1 small watermelon
  • 2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
  • Mint sprigs

Cut the watermelon into small chunks and freeze overnight. When fully frozen, blend the icy watermelon pieces and the almond milk in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with a few sprigs of mint. Enjoy!


credits [www.beautyish.com]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Color Palettes: Spring

Spring time is my favorite time of the year. Everything about it makes me smile- the smells of light rain showers and dew on the lawn, the sounds of birds chirping in the morning and frogs croaking in the evening, the tastes of the yummy fruits and veggies that are in season- but more than all of those.. I LOVE THE COLORS Smile “Inspire” doesn’t begin to explain what Spring does to me. This color palette line up is the epitome of Spring colors, or close to it.

color pickedfresh greennature color

You might have noticed that each of these palettes have one common color- green. I personally think that green is the glue that holds Spring together- What do you think?

credits [design-seeds.com]

Which color palette is your favorite? 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Make This Look: Next Weekend Dress in Evening

I have never been the type of girl to wear a dress daily but I do like to treat myself to an occasional dress up day! I think it’s important to feel pretty and a nice dress always does the trick.

This week’s Make This Look is another dress from ModCloth, It’s a simple ruffle front dress that you can pair up with some cute accessories for a perfect outfit! 

It’s unavailable to purchase from their shop at the moment so if you like it you have to make it yourself! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how right now!




credits [makethislook]

Friday, May 11, 2012

Make This Look: What a Debut Dress

You can find this What a Debut Dress at ModCloth for over $200 or you can be a smarty pants and make it yourself for under $20! 

Save money and have fun making your own pretty dress!  

make this look

credits [makethislook]

DIY Bird Mobile

This precious little bird mobile is a great gift for that expecting friend of yours, or for your own little angel’s nursery.
Oh man, I think I’m getting baby fever!
1/4 yard each of four contrasting fabrics
needle and thread
polyester stuffing
10" and 12" wood embroidery hoops
monofilament or fishing line
about a dozen crimp tubes (available at beading stores)
needle-nose pliers, for flattening crimp tubes
staple gun and 1/4" staples

Sew each of the birds according to the Bird Pattern..  (<---click for pattern)
When you've made eight birds, sew them onto the inner ring of a 10" and a 12" embroidery hoop. The birds likely won't sit up or look great; you're just trying to figure out the spacing right now.
Cut three 30" lengths of monofilament (or one length and one double-length), and knot a loop at one end. Use crimp tubes to secure the knot on both sides. Mark the same length on each string, about 14" from the loop, in permanent marker. Wrap the string around the small embroidery loop, at the length marked on the string. Secure with a crimp bead.
Tie the large ring on below the smaller one. Fiddle with both rings until you've gotten them both reasonably level. Then secure all your knots with crimp beads.
Slide the large hoops onto the smaller hoops, and tighten to fit. Readjust the strings - they may need to be spaced unevenly around the hoops, depending on how your birds are spaced, in order to get the hoops level and well balanced. Once you're happy, secure the string placement with a staple.
Now go back and sew each bird securely into place. The extra width afforded by the outer hoop will make it easier to get the birds to stand up straight.
That’s it! Now go plan your friend’s baby shower or help decorate the nursery!
credits [ecabononline]

What theme did you (or will you) choose for your baby’s nursery?
Leave a comment below.

Granola Stuffed Strawberries

Good morning & happy Friday!

 I thought I would share this yummy (and healthy) recipe this morning and hopefully start your weekend off right!

Granola Stuffed Strawberries 

  • 1 pint large fresh organic strawberries  
  • 1 cup granola
  • 1 cup favorite yogurt
Using a paring knife or strawberry huller, remove tops and hulls of strawberries.
Fill centers with granola and place in a bowl filled with yogurt.

“granola stuffed strawberries” [1.]

What are your favorite breakfast recipes? Share with a comment :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Color Blocking vs. Anoraks

Here are two of this season’s hottest new trends; color blocking and anoraks- Which is your favorite look?


(An anorak is a parka type jacket usually with a hood)


I just love the sportiness of the last outfit, don’t you?


Color Blocking


STYLE TIP: Stick to three colors max to avoid the girly, Rainbow Brite look.


I have to say, neither of these are my favorite spring style trends but both are making a big bang in the fashion world!

Do you have a fashion trend you would like to share? If so, email me at sewcalmama@yahoo.com!

credits [1.]

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

I love giving and receiving handmade gifts.. I think they are so much more personal and special.

My best friend is pregnant with her second baby.. her first BOY! Yay for boys!! Anyway- her baby shower is right around the corner so I wanted to spend the next week or so making her and the baby a few handmade (with love) gifts.

Below are 4 adorable baby gift tutorials from purlbee.com, enjoy!

Blankets, Bibs & Bloomers, Oh my!


Jersey Baby Blanket <---- tutorial 




Liberty Baby Bibs <---- tutorial




Flannel Receiving Blanket <----- tutorial



Baby Bloomers <------ tutorial


credits [purlbee]

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty Techniques: Part 2

Hello! I can’t wait to share these last techniques with you.. I have found a lot of YUMMY bath and body beauty recipes to share also- But that’s later.. check these last tips out for amazing results from all over the world!

Beauty Techniques: Part 1  <---- Click for last weeks beauty techniques!


6.) Indian Hair Care- Massage warm coconut oil into your scalp then leave in over night and wash out in the AM for stronger more luxurious hair instantly! I think, yes!

7.) Italian Lip Conditioning- Use olive oil just as you would lip balm or gloss for soft and smooth lips or to treat cracked or sunburnt lips.

8.) Scandinavian Skin Care- Not only should you drink plenty of fresh spring mineral water but you should bathe in it too! The trick is indulging yourself with 20-25 nice and cold splashes- and viola, amazing hydrated skin!

9.) Chinese Anti Aging Secrets- Why get Botox or collagen when you can just drink… wait for it…. white tea! I love white tea anyway so this is great news for me!

credits [1.]

Do you have any international beauty techniques or secrets you’d like to share?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Polyvore Profiles: Zooey Deschanel

If you haven't seen FOX's New Girl, you HAVE to!

Here are a couple reasons why:

1.) It's hilarious!

2.) It's offbeat, witty and nothing you've seen before!

3.) The series is only 30 minutes so it's perfect for all you busy moms! (like me)

4.) It stars Zooey Deschanel, one of my favorite actresses; she is adorable and funny with amazing style, which is why I chose her for my first "Polyvore Profile"

If you love Zooey's style as much as I do then you are in for some real inspiration!

I have chosen three sets created by members of polyvore to share with you this week! Get inspired and get Zooey's look!

-In the first set, I love the simplistic feel, it looks so effortless yet still amazing! How does she do that?

-The second is more of a spring set, I love the denim and beigish colors together it has an airy fee that makes me want to jump right in!

-The final is more of a ode to the movie (500)Days of Summer, a movie I LOVE! But it also has some great accessories! Definitely a more romantic set.

To my dear friend kateblossom

Zooey Deschanel

Wait, what is Polyvore?

Polyvore is the web's largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world. With over 15 million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore's global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web.

So, now you know more about New Girl, polyvore and my new section.. what was your favorite set? Who is your style icon?

Next week's Polyvore Profile is on the almighty Gwen :) Oh ya! I can't wait either!

Much Love,