Tuesday, May 22, 2012

River Day

This past Saturday was fun. My sister-in-law Megan and I took Liam down to Brown’s Cove, it’s a hidden little spot that’s within walking distance from my house.  It was the first time he had been in any kind of fresh water and he absolutely loved it  :)

Flowers were blooming all over the place and the butterflies were insane!

 After a while both of our fiancés showed up (Megan’s fiancé is my older brother), which was a very nice surprise! They watched Liam for a bit while we walked down the river and talked girl stuff, the water was only about a foot or two deep at the most but it was still very refreshing and calming.

We felt like adventurers and decided to climb over this little dam thing  and continue our little journey down stream..   :)

This is what was waiting for us around the next bend- There were just as many calves and there were cows, it was adorable and worth the adventurous climb :)

It was a much needed and beautiful mini vacation for two busy mommies.

What are your favorite ways to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon?


  1. What a gorgeous spot, and how lucky you are that it's walking distance from your house. Looks like a fun way to cool off.


  2. I really am lucky to live where I do. I was born and raised here :D Thank your for your comment Shannon!