Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Indoor Gardening 101


Happy May! I hope you are all enjoying Spring time where ever you may be.

I love to garden- especially now that I have my OWN YARD! We didn’t have much of a yard at the apartment we lived in last Spring, so I am going to take advantage of having one this time around! Not only do I have my little outdoor corner sanctuary that Daniel built me but I have a few small house plants in the window- I didn’t realize what our home was lacking until my mom sent over a care package of plants and it changed the entire atmosphere! I love watching them grow and now some of them are blooming!


Here are a few tips I want to share with you about caring for your own house plants, enjoy!

-Plants will always incline toward a light source so rotate your plants occasionally to make sure they grow straight.

-Make sure they get enough sunlight, if you live in a medium to low lit environment opt for a plant that is appropriate for your specific environment, or you can even put them outside during the mornings and bring them inside for the late day and night.

-Water your plants but not too much, you can over water a plant if you do not have a container with proper drainage.

-Bathe your plants, they can obtain dust just like the rest of your home.

-Plant love fresh air! They do much better in a open clean area without smoke or stagnant air.

-Keep records of them if you have more than a few, it will help you to maintain your plants systematically.

- Don not use soil from your garden in your house plant pots, it will not work well and bring in bugs and other unwanted things.

-Love them!

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  1. Me ever buying plants or trying to grow anything is plant homicide! You may inherit a lot of things from your parents but a green thumb is not one! I try, all the time but I always end up killing them :( RIP little plants!