Saturday, June 2, 2012

Color Palettes: Summer

Summer time is right around the corner- can you believe it? It really started setting in while attending my niece’s last day awards ceremony on Thursday, with the smell of sunscreen and the sound of little flip-flops flopping- it’s hard to miss! It comes so fast here in the valley, and when it does, OH BOY, you better brace yourself! We’ve already hit 90+ degrees. 
Guess that means it’s time to take the boat out and get our backyard bonfire in order! 
Lots of fun get-togethers, baby play dates and just-because-i-was-in-the-neighborhood visits (my favorite.) 

I want to share some inspiring Summer color palettes this morning. One thing I love about Summer is the yummy fruits and veggies that are in season, oh and I can’t forget those yummy mixed drinks, poolside BBQs and straight up gorgeous sunsets!
citrus tonescolor cove
color setfield tones

What are some of your Summer inspirations?

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  1. All the color combinations are so so pretty and warm. I'm particularly fond of the citrus combo.