Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Beachy Hair Spray

I love the messy hair/bohemian look that is effortlessly achieved after a day at the beach but I live a few hours from the Ocean.

beachy heair

Here is a DIY Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray to achieve the look without the drive! 

After using this spray your hair will look so pretty, just like after a day at the beach. And it works for any hair length!


♥ Coconut Oil
♥ Sea Salt
♥ Vodka
♥ Hair Gel
♥ Spray Bottle
♥ Measuring Cups

beach day hair spraycdefgh
Make sure to shake it all up and always do before each use.

Spray all over damp hair and scrunch with your fingers. Blow dry or let it air dry. Finger comb through your hair and you look like you just came from a beautiful and fun day at the beach!

If you have some more time you can also spray all over, part hair in about six sections and loosely braid your hair. Blow dry or sleep on it. When its dry (or the next day), finger comb braids out. Take a large curling iron (1 1/4") and loosely twist some (about 4-6 should be enough) hair strands around the iron, hold for a about 30 seconds. Finger comb through again and you are good to go. 
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  1. I'm definitely going to try this out! I like the way my hair dries but it's always too frizzy to just leave it. hair spray makes it worse and gel makes it look like a throwback to middle school! lol Great tip, Tia.