Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspire Me | Vol. 1

I have been seeing so many inspirational things lately all over the internet, especially on my Pinterest and Facebook pages. I’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to all things inspiring and beautiful. I don’t want to limit this series to a particular category of inspiration so beauty, fashion, quotes, shops, recipes, and photography are all coming your way! This amazing round up of awesomeness will be brought to you every Monday morning from here on out!
Inspiration; from my eyes to yours.
[ Janis Joplin ]
[ DIY Birdie Mobile----> CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL ]
[ Without coffee I wouldn’t be awake enough to be inspired, so THANK YOU COFFEE! ]
owl flowers 8x10
[ Owl Flowers Print by Flora and Fauna Prints ]
[ Chickadee Print by Flora and Fauna Prints ]
band bracelets
[ Bright Bracelet Bands I recently listed on my Etsy Shop]
[ Coco Chanel quotes ]
[ coffee cake-in-a-cup ]
[ yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies]
[ Henna Paisley Fabric I used for my latest DIY project COMING SOON! ]
baby wipe holder
[ DIY Baby Wipe Holder that my friend Jessica made for her little girl ]

If you have a certain something that you think is “Inspire Me” worthy, feel free to drop me at line at and you may be featured in Vol. 2!

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