Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nestling into Fall


Last week my painting teacher and I were talking about how beautiful abandoned or broke down buildings are. We both know of this old building near both our homes and school campus. She asked me to snap some photographs of it if I had some time and bring them in for painting inspiration.

Here is the one that I like best. I thought it was more than appropriate to share with Halloween a few weeks away. I know I wouldn’t want to be any closer to that thing than I had to be, especially on a spooky Fall night! ;)

Hope you are all nestling into Fall nicely. I know I am!



Do you find old or abandoned buildings to be interesting??

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  1. This photo is beautiful!!!
    I can imagine you have so much inspiration when you live in that place!!
    I do love old buildings myself and my boyfriend likes to draw, photograph or paint them ;)

  2. Beautiful picture. I like old and abandoned places, as well as almost-empty ones (such as old malls that only have a few stores left).