Friday, November 30, 2012

Mochas + Mallards


My friend Lindy and I had quite an adventure today. Neither of us had out kiddos so we planned on a afternoon of  thrift shopping but our favorite thrift store had just closed when we pulled up, luckily we had a great time anyway. We got some yummy Starbucks Holiday Mochas then headed up to Kernville, a town about 20 minutes from both of us. As we sat along side of the river, I wished out loud for the small group of ducks would come closer so I could take pictures.


One started making his way over to us.


And then another…


Before we knew it, we were swarmed by ducks! It was awesome!


We decided to be more prepared next time and bring our friends some treats.



What an amazing experience it was.

I love unexpected adventures, don’t you?


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