Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wish List [Birthday Edition]


Sunday is my birthday. Yes, you read it right.. I am an Irish Man loving St.Patty’s Day babe.  I have always enjoyed my birthday but this year all I can think is, “am I seriously almost a quarter of a century old?!?” It’s also a little shocking to my folks because I am the “baby” of the family.

With Spring on the horizon, it’s the prefect time to stock up on a couple new outfits, accessories and a new bikini. I put together this wish list featuring items from Uniprice in honor of my big day. I love bargain shopping and I found the best place to find and compare your favorite brands and products, Uniprice does all of the the dirty work for you. Now that’s a site worth bookmarking if you ask me!

If you haven’t heard of Uniprice, it’s a global shopping site that let’s you compare hundreds of thousands of products from companies all over the world. With all of the adorable accessories, I’m sure each and everyone of my readers could find something they just can’t live without using this new and convenient way to get the most bang for buck ;) But make sure to put aside a little time to check it out because you won’t want to stop shopping once you’ve started!

P.S. which OF MY WISHLIST ITEMS DO YOU LIKE MOST? AND WHY? leave a comment with your response :)

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