Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY | Stuffed Animal Storage

I have a super fun and adorable DIY project to share today, it’s a stuffed animal storage on top with an area for books/board games underneath, pretty cool if I do say so myself! I have been wanting to give the kid’s some sort of stuffed animal storage in their room and almost sewed up a corner hammock but then after some Pinterest snooping, a new idea came to light. This is much cuter and more accessible for the little ones.

We started with an old dresser drawer, the plan was to just add some neat chair legs to the bottom but my boyfriend came up with the idea to put a shelf on the bottom and we just so happened to have an old coffee table that we  he cut and resized to fit the shelf. He then put a piece of marbled tile on the back so the books would stay in place.

I am absolutely in love with the finished result & it’s really been a good addition to the kids’ room. I love the color because it’s gender neutral and just AWESOME to look at. It’s called “kelp” and we got it from our local true value. We’ve had to restock since this project because of how much I love it. And best of all, this project only cost about $3 in paint and that’s IT, definitely worth the time and effort. It’s amazing what some old furniture and some pretty paint can do!

Thank God for my amazing boyfriend who brings all of my ideas to life, because without his handiness, this project will still be a nagging idea in my brain!

Hope this neat and simple project inspires some ideas for you guys. This is just the start of about five recent DIY projects in our house, so stay tuned for more projects like this one.


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