Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, Funday!


Daniel and I have been needing some time alone, life has been so hectic lately. We decided to drop the little one off with Nana and Papa and go for a ride… We rode all over the hills behind our house.. We stopped once for a little break, the explorer in me came and and I walked around a bit.. Until I started thinking about the signs that have been posted around my area saying that they have been several “BIG FOOT SIGHTINGS!” I speed walked back to Daniel and the quad. Near where we parked, I found this nice little note on a rock (below).. I have to say, I do agree!  We kept riding until the tank was nearly empty, it was a lot of fun and I got a little sun..


We were pretty hungry and we still had some time to spare so we got lunch and headed to a small bridge close to our house, it was the perfect idea! We sat and ate lunch on the bank of the river (until we were swarmed by little buggers!) I was hoping the two mallard ducks would show up there because this is where we encountered them the other day.. even though they didn’t it was still a good time and were going back soon(just with repellent this time)


We love our Jones Soda <3

Daniels Cap: “Do not make any hasty decisions.” Mine: “Be an angel, save a life.”

Do you remember otter pops? If so, That’s what the blue one tasted like- a blue otter pop! It was yummy (and daniels.. so I had to sneak some, hehe)


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Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Tune in tomorrow morning for our first ever Craft Challenge- Plantable Paper Making.

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  1. You are truly lucky to live close to such beauty and be able to share it with your family. Day dates are such an under-rated thing now a days but you can't beat the time you get to spend with your better half. I haven't been on a date with my husband since before my son was born (7months ago)! lol Soak it up and cherish it girl! :)