Sunday, September 30, 2012

September in Snapshots

Hello and good morning, lovelies. I’ve been wanting to share more of myself with you guys so I thought I’d start with a few random snapshots that I’ve taken throughout the month of September.

September in snapshots. Sorted by people, places and things.




sleepingdaddytoomamaandliammy lovewalkingboy





{ PEOPLE } most recent picture of me // my handsome little man sleeping soundly // me and my goofball fiancé // it must run in the family! me and my goofball son! // Daniel and I at a concert in the city // my Liam bear, just walking up a storm :)

{ PLACES } all scenery photos are taken in the Kern River Valley, within 30 miles of my home

{ THINGS } a landscape painting for my art class // twisted shotz that Daniel bought for me last Friday night ;) // sewing notions (playing with my cameras) // homemade tamales from the local swap meet, NOM NOM!


September flew by, didn’t it?

What kind of things do you do to record special memorial and times throughout your life?

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