Monday, October 1, 2012

{UPCYCLED} Craft Center Reveal

I have been on a total cleaning and organizing frenzy this week. I think I’m more of a fall nester than a spring cleaner. I enjoy the Fall and Winter so much that I just can’t help but to tidy up the house and make it all warm and cozy. This is our second Falliday season in our home and I feel like since Liam is a toddler now, I need to make it extra special, not only for us, but for him as well. So before I get too far into my craft making messiness, I decided I would designate a space specifically for my sewing and craft stuff.

We had this old TV stand in the garage... It was just sitting there collecting dust and being neglected, I decided it was PERFECT to use for my craft space idea and it definitely had potential.


With a little light blue spray paint and a homemade lace curtain it looked like a different piece of furniture all together and is now past its days of a being a dusty old black TV stand! I love to upcycle old furniture into functioning and delightful staple furniture pieces.

What have you lovely people been up to lately? Do you enjoy repurposing furniture as much as I do?

If you have an upcycled piece of furniture or home décor that you would like to share on SewCal Mama email me at

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  1. Wow that really is a great up-cycle! I love what you did with it, and makes me think about finding a piece of my own that needs some updating! Great project.