Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Color Palettes | Winter Edition


I’ve done Color Palette posts before on SewCal Mama but in the last few months my readership has grown quite a bit. The last one I did was for Summer so I thought it was about time to share another color palette post with you guys. This one was by far the most fun to make. It’s a bit lengthier than my previous posts but for a good reason; I couldn’t narrow it down! What can I say, I frikken LOVE this time of year! Haha! So take a look at these gorgeous colors and get inspired! ;)

baked tonesarctic lovearctic tonesbottled tonescandy cane toneschristmas sparklechristmas sweetsmerry christmasornamental brightsseasonal glowseasonal tonesstocking huestoasting toneswinter color

All color palettes were found at Click here to view more.

Does a specific color scheme come to mind when you think about the winter? My favorite palette is the “seasonal glow.” I just adore Christmas lights!

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what your favorite color palette is below. :) 


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