Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY | Nursing Pads

I recently met a wonderful gal named Nicola, we are actually partners in the Ornament Swap hosted by Candidly Clyde.. I’m sure your wondering how this relates to a Maternity DIY post, right? Well in one of our emails back and fourth, Nicola said that there seems to be a “proper baby boom” amongst her friend crowd at the moment. Totally cute, right? Hehe. Now that I know I am not the only one experiencing a baby boom in my friend circle.. I decided to start doing some more maternity and newborn projects.


This nursing pad set is part one of a “first days home box” that I’m putting together for a friend that is due in December. I know how much I adored these babies when I had my little guy. Daniel and I actually went shopping specifically for these when Liam was about 3 weeks old. They were/are lifesavers; so I decided to make them for my future pregnancies and for my currently and soon to be prego friends, too.

I’ll be sharing the rest of the box as I put it together during the next few weeks. I’ve been doing my research and have some great ideas for an amazing new mommy gift box. I’m thinking totally outside of the box on this one.


My Nursing Pad Template

1. Using the template, cut out 8 circles of your flannel fabric. Then using your disappearing ink pen, draw in the triangle. 

2. Fold your circles in half so that the triangle is facing out. Make sure that the lines match up on both faces of the fabric. Using the straight stitch, sew the lines together.

3.  Stack 4 circles for each nursing pad, then match up the sewn folds in each of the circles then carefully sew your circles together.


That’s it. Viola!

What do you think? Would you like to see more maternity and newborn tutorials on SewCal Mama?
I would love to hear your feedback in a comment or an email :)




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