Monday, November 19, 2012

Cousins + Cartwheels


Before Liam got sick last week, I took him and his cousin Zoey to the park for a day of fun. Not only did they have a blast but they pretty much ran the show. I always tell them, “I must look like a jungle gym to you.” but that day- due to the presence of an actual jungle gym, I got a short and sweet break ;)


Zoey ran around doing cart wheels, jumping off of the monkey bars and pumping like a pro in her swing while Liam waddled behind and pretty much dangled helpless in the swing while I took pictures, poor little guy haha.


It such a beautiful and quiet day and the kids were being so surprisingly cooperative that I decided to take them to the bowling alley before we went home for a bite to eat.


It was a great day with the little ones but let’s be honest, everyday with them is a blessing and good thing we soaked up the sun and the last little bits of Fall because two days later we woke up to snow!




P.S. What have YOU been up to?

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