Monday, August 27, 2012

Live Laugh Craft | DIY Braided Fabric Headbands

Welcome back for another round of Live Laugh Craft! If you weren't around last week when the series launched, here’s the rundown: Live Laugh Craft is a weekly/biweekly series co hosted by Monique and myself, it’s all about being crafty and thrifty college students who have fun!

. Everyone week or so we both create a common craft, whether it be a paper craft, jewelry making or other random DIY projects.This week we decided to make headbands!

I even got to use my favorite model, she was an awesome little helper too!


SUPPLIES: fabric scraps, scissors, hair ties & sewing machine or needle and thread


Pretty Floral Fabric.


Step-By-Step Instructions

1.) Cut or rip your fabric into strips that are about 1 inches wide and 20 inches long. 2.) Tie 3 pieces of fabric into a knot on one end. 3.) Braid your fabric pieces for the entire length. 4.) Sew off the ends of your fabric rope. 5.) Sew hair tie onto one end of fabric rope. 6.) Complete your headband by sewing the other ends of the tie and rope.



Don’t forget to check out Monique’s awesome headbands, too! Then link up with us and show off your masterpieces!

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